New Livlies (#1)!

✨ The main characters of Meta Livly have arrived! ✨

We recently got some livly data and our digital developers analyzed it to find three of the cutest livlies ever.

Are you ready to meet them?

Livly Species: Momoth


The Pygmy is the livly that started it all.

They have an incredibly gentle personality and likes to take things at their own pace in life. On the days they feel motivated, they work faster and hustle, but on the days they need rest, they take it slow and listen to what their bodies need.

We could all learn to be more like them (I know I could)!

Pygmys have smoother fur compared to their predecessor (the classic Pygmy) and kind of resembles ice cream because of the different color swirls they have on their body. Their warm bodies make them the perfect snuggle buddy for your hom.

Watch out for their ears because they tend to twitch whenever they feel certain emotions (excitement or relief)!

Livly Species: Cornulepus


The Cornulepus is a rabbit-like livly with horns on its head that date back to the Middle Ages.

Cornulepus’ tend to be wary of strangers because of their shy personality, so they need some time to warm up to someone. Once you get close to them and earn their trust, they’re incredibly sweet livlies with gentle personalities that love being pet!

They’re incredibly cute, but they work for it! Cornulepus’ make sure that they groom themselves often to maintain their overall appearance to ensure that they’re still cutie pies.

Livly Species: Momoth


The larger species of livlies, Momoth has a larger form and is named after a mammoth due to the resemblance in appearance.

You’ll find Momoths constantly looking downwards and it’s not because they don’t want to talk to you; it’s because they’re sniffing the ground to find hidden food under leaves and other objects! They’re definitely a foodie and that’s something we love about them.

Thanks to their larger form, your hom can even take a ride on their back! Don’t expect to go very fast because they have a very relaxed temperament so they enjoy going to leisurely strolls together.
If you’re looking for a livly to chill with, Momoth is the one for you!

From the official Meta Livly Twitter account

Going Forward

These are just the starting livlies that we’ve discovered so far! What did you think?

We’ll be updating you on more livly discoveries that our Digital Development Office analyzes in the future so that you can choose your favorite livly species!
We can’t choose who our favorite is because they’ve stolen our hearts in completely different ways..

Let us know who you’re excited to meet the most!



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