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Meta Livly’s Pre Mint 9,999 NFT Event is about to start.

There are 3 categories of NFT in Meta Livly: Hom, Livly, and Island.
Meta Livly is about taking care of your digital pet ‘Livly’ through a unique avatar ‘Hom’ who lives and decorates a space called ‘Island’. Livly, hom, and island are key elements in Meta Livly’s main activities.

Join the event to collect your NFT ahead of time so that you can play with an advantage and enjoy Meta Livly even more when it goes live!

1. Livly NFT

Livly is a digital pet that eats bugs and poops out jewels called doodoo. Doodoo can be traded with in-game currency which is used for purchasing items.

We will be giving out 3 species of cute livlies in 5 different colors as NFTs! You can customize the color of the livly yourself and transform it into a completely different species at Meta Livly. How exciting!

1.1 Pygmy P-1

Pygmy P-1 NFTs in 5 different colors

Pygmy was the first species to be born at Muller Laboratory.
The original livly has a calm nature and brims with curiosity. Its ears twitch when it feels at ease or worked up.
The Pygmy P-1 that will be distributed as an NFT is a species that has unique features such as smoother fur than the Classic Pygmy. Some like to call it the “ice cream Pygmy.”

1.2 Ogre

Ogre NFTs in 5 different colors

Enormous in size and a very strong livly, hence the name Ogre. It has a fairly mild nature and is relatively easy to care for, which is great for first-time owners. However, it has an extremely powerful jaw, so players beware!

1.3 Blackdog P-1

Blackdog P-1 NFTs in 5 different colors

Black Dog is a livly that resembles a dog. It has poor eyesight, yet a highly developed sense of smell. It stays active by storing a large amount of energy in its body to generate electricity and gets quite excited by the sound of thunder. It has fur that looks like a hoodie which causes water to be trapped inside and has a tendency to bite things. Black Dog P-1 has longer horns compared to Black Dog. This livly NFT can only be obtained in this event, so don’t miss out!

2. Hom & Island NFT

Hom is the player’s unique digital avatar in the Meta Livly universe, a place where you can create various styles with fashion items. Hom and livly live in a small digital space called island. A tree in the center of island can be watered with elixir to harvest fruits, which are used to create transformation potions. Items used to dress up hom and decorate island in Meta Livly can be grabbed from the gacha theme shop called the NEW MAHARA Shop. The NEW MAHARA Shop has gacha themes with over 50 fashion and Island items. A new theme will be revealed every week.

In this event, we are revealing a small fraction of the themed items to you first. Each hom and island NFT is configured to have different amounts of items and rarity. Grab these NFTs in Meta Livly and try combining the items to create a value of your own.

2.1 Starry Island

An island made from countless fragments of fallen stars. Every night, astronomers and astrologers gather and reveal the mysteries of the stars. The Star Festival is held on nights when special stars can be observed. These items can only be obtained through this NFT event, so don’t miss out on it!

Hom and Island NFTs of the Starry Island Theme
Hom and Island NFTs of the Starry Island Theme

2.2 Island of Passing Showers

An island filled with bright skies and rainbows after a rain shower. During this season, the flowers glisten with dewdrops, and rainbow-colored soap bubbles floating in the clear blue sky brighten the mood.

Hom and Island NFTs of the Island of Passing Showers Theme

2.3 Southern Paradise

An island design based on a South Seas paradise. Spirit carvings and a divine guardian shrine are inspired by indigenous culture. A gate and signpost welcome island visitors. Unique, colorful fruit grow on the palm tree here. There is no greater expression of goodwill on this island than the act of serving fruit.

Hom and Island NFTs of the Southern Paradise Theme

We plan to distribute a total of 9,999 of the 35 NFTs through various events, so please show us your interest!
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