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NFTs in Meta Livly can be disassembled and reassembled.

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4 min readAug 5, 2022


1. Item Disassembly

Meta Livly’s NFT is not just an artwork like other PFPs. It consists of item combinations available in the actual service. The Hom NFT is made up of a variety of costumes, hair, and makeup items worn by the avatar, the Island NFT is made up of a tree, the ground, and decorative accessories, and the Livly NFT is made up of accessories worn by the livly. If these NFTs are sent to the Meta Livly app, all the items that made up the NFT can be disassembled and used as individual items. Items earned this way can be used to create new combinations for decorating avatars or islands, submit to the D.D.L., or mint a new NFT.

2. Item Reassembly

You can decorate your hom, island, and livly with Meta Livly items and mint it as an NFT. Items can be obtained from gacha within Meta Livly, and NFT brought into Meta Livly can be disassembled or be used to combine outfits for NFT minting. NFT transactions can be made in the MOOI network-based marketplace (available in August) after minting and exporting to the wallet.

3. The value of items and NFTs

Meta Livly NFTs are a combination of several items, not just one, so the value of the NFT is based on the individual value of the item. There are 3 item rarity in Meta Livly: SR(Super Rare), R(Rare), and N(Normal). Items can be purchased through gacha, and the rarity is determined based on the probability when spinning gacha once. SR has a probability of about 2%, R is about 14%, and N is about 84%. In other words, you have to spin gacha about 50 times for an SR item, 7 times for an R item, and 1 time for an N item. The item’s expected price can be calculated by rarity based on the fact that 20SD is required to spin gacha once within the app. The initial exchange ratio between SD and MOOI is expected to be 5:1 and the initial marketplace item price for each rarity is expected to be around 200, 29, and 5 MOOI, respectively. However, all items in Meta Livly are limited sales, and the item value is determined by rarity, so it is expected to increase compared to the initial price.

4. Special Utility of First Editions

9,999 First Edition NFTs were pre-minted, are being airdropped through various events, and are currently planned for pre-sale ahead of the service launch. First Edition NFTs were minted for those who saw the potential of the project even before the launch of Meta Livly. There’s a special utility for those who hold on to this NFT.

4.1. Double the item

Sending a First Edition NFT to the Meta Livly app will give item configurations in double. Standard NFTs consist of one, while First Edition NFTs consist of two. In other words, the First Edition NFT has twice the utility of a standard NFT.

4.2. A special frame

This NFT provides a special unboxing experience because it has a special frame! Standard NFTs minted directly in the app do not have frames. This means that if the First Edition NFT is put into the app, the special frame will disappear and not return even if it is minted with the same combination of configurations. The decision to whether unbox a pre-minted NFT with only 9,999 copies is yours to make. Look forward to this special NFT getting attention in the marketplace!

It’s not too late to get your hands on the First Edition NFT with special utility. Check out the event announcement on Twitter!



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