Gold mine, CCP (Character Coordinating Play) — No.2

Digital coordination items over $10,000 are traded?!

On May 18, 2022, cocone digital coordination item flea market hit the jackpot.

One item was even traded for more than $10,000! The exact amount is ¥1,1,833,333 ($14,172).

How can digital coordination items be so expensive?

Why are fashion luxury goods expensive?

This is because the design is good and the quality is good, but above all, it’s limited in quantity.

cocone’s items are also sold in limited quantities!

What makes the item valuable? Scarcity!

Like other items from cocone, Meta Livly’s items are released through Gacha.

Usually, one theme is released every week, and the Gacha released once is often sealed forever.

That’s why there are items worth more than $10,000!

Top priority: The value of the item

Meta Livly, launched as a blockchain P2E service, puts value of the item first.

Painstakingly made items are sold for a limited time through Gacha.

If you want to own and sell items worth more than $10,000 then come to MetaLivly!

USDT Airdrop Quiz Event

Q. What are Meta Livly’s avatar coordination items released through?

Go to the link below and enter the correct answer to the quiz!



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