Gold mine, CCP (Character Coordinating Play) — No. 1

The size of the Pokecolo Flea Market

$2 million in sales?! Have you heard of the Golden Flea market?

In June, a total of $2.27 million worth of avatar coordination items were traded at the Pokecolo flea market held for only five days.

Let me show you the exact figures!

Abandoned items in your closet will help you make money!

The total amount of the flea market trade is a whopping $2,275,600.

Gameitems, which had been losing value, have been transformed into real assets through Pokecolo flea market.

We’re on a roll!

The highest price of items sold at Pokecolo Flea Market once was $1,113, and the number of trades reached 246,100. During the flea market, the DAU even reached 146,030.

Does such a popular flea market exist in the real world?

Trade your digital items freely!

The mega-hit Pokecolo flea market event was just for exchanging items.

But now, cocone M will bring out the item NFT marketplace with blockchain technology.

Don’t you want to experience it? If so, come to Meta Livly!



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