Gold mine, CCP (Character Coordinating Play)— No.3

The total sales of the flea market

Over $5 million in sales from just six flea market events!

This is real!

The cocone item flea market has been held about twice a year since 2020.

Total sales through six flea markets amounted to ¥729,869,013 ($5,642,325).

cocone flea market is on a roll!

The figure to note is the number of trades.

A total of 1,527,828 trades were made during the six events, with an average of 254,638 trades per session.

It is clear that the cocone flea market became a huge hit.

Buyers + Sellers = Market Value

Trading volume is a key factor in judging the value of the market.

The fact that 20,980,323 items were submitted and 1,527,828 trades were made proves that cocone’s avatar coordination item market is thriving.

Blockchain technology, which expands the market

We use blockchain technology to introduce the Item NFT Marketplace that allows more people to gather and trade more items.

Feel free to trade Meta Livly’s cute and lovely NFTs in the NFT marketplace!

NFT airdrop Quiz event

Q. What technology is the NFT marketplace where Meta Livly’s items are traded based on?

Go to the link below and enter the correct answer to the quiz!



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