The future value of Meta Livly NFT, check the data and decide for yourself!

UNIVERSE : <Livly Island>’s mirror world, <Meta Livly>


1. Livly NFT

Livly is a digital pet that eats bugs and poops out jewels called doodoo. Because there are many different species, Meta Livly provides data on the first 3 livly species introduced. Check the total livly population and the total user-owned livlies in Livly Island. And of course, you can take care of livlies in Meta Livly as well. To take care of your livlies, use the Yadokari Shop within Meta Livly to buy a wide assortment of fresh feed purchasable with doodoo. Each feed has different coloring details, so your livly’s body color will change depending on the feed’s coloring details. In addition, the RGB value in Meta Livly is to check the livly’s color value. However, it may differ from the RGB values in the real world. In Meta Livly, more feed is necessary the more you try to modify the natural body color of your livly. Try imagining the amount of feed required for every livly color.

Pygmy P-1 NFTs in 5 different colors
Pygmy P-1 Data in Livly Island
Pygmy P-1 (0,0,0)
Pygmy P-1 (123,207,0)
Pygmy P-1 (252,232,0)
Pygmy P-1 (45,173,237)
Pygmy P-1 (255,140,0)
Ogre NFTs in 5 different colors
Ogre Data in Livly Island
Ogre (328,293,343)
Ogre (150,200,343)
Ogre (328,200,150)
Ogre (0,270,270)
Ogre (158,71,209)
Black Dog P-1 NFTs in 5 different colors
Black Dog P-1 Data in Livly Island
Black Dog P-1 (264,256,295)
Black Dog P-1 (138,254,227)
Black Dog P-1 (192,172,295)
Black Dog P-1 (192,216,295)
Black Dog P-1 (69,52,88)


2. Hom & Island NFT

In Livly Island, not only can users buy items from the gacha theme shop called the MAHARA Shop, but they can also trade with one another. The method of trading between users is either through direct trading or sending gifts to another user. Items must be registered to the wishlist for them to be eligible for trade. In other words, checking the need for each item is through wishlist counts, and the actual transaction counts are through trade and gift counts. Meta Livly discloses every wishlist and transaction count of all items that make up each NFT and the total wishlists and transaction counts of configured items by NFT.
The Doctor of Astronomy
The Astrologer feeling the mystery of the galaxy
The mysterious cosmic man
The man with the sun mask
The curious crescent girl
Mystery of the galaxy on a starry island
An island with countless star
The island of a Celestial Globe Tree
The yellow raincoat girl
The white talisman
The troublemaker with a broken umbrella
The shining brightly island after the rain
The island with colorful balloons over the clear sky
The island of a rainbow tree
The happy island visitor
The native with a spirit mask
The owner of a green chameleon
The paradise island on a midsummer night
The south sea island
The island of a palm trees



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Meta Livly

Meta Livly

The newest (and cutest) addition to the P2E game lineup, Meta Livly!